Mga salik sa pagdating ng mga kanluranin

Deleuze’s theory of art is that once there is art there is resistance. Our Philippine flag is a symbol, an art that we learned to respect.

In the course of history, we learned its symbolic importance but dismissed the idea of looking far beyond what we have learned.

The idea of the Philippine flag is a symbol that encompasses the identity of Filipinos.

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The Philippine Flag is a symbol that represents the Filipinos/ Philippines.

The Philippine Flag was designed by Emilio Aguinaldo and was sewn in Hong Kong by Mrs.

Marcella de Agoncillo with the help of Lorenza (her daughter) and Mrs. In the history of the Philippine flag, the root of its creation started during the Spanish Colonization.

In the attempt to “unframe” the design of the Philippine flag, an emblem naturalized through the course of history, there is a problem seen through its symbolization.

In the process of unframing the designs, there is a use of a Deleuzian (as Villani quoted in his essay to be Deleuzian is “to be on the look out”) concept. ” of Arnaud Villani, he said that Deleuze is a great historian only because he is a great philosopher.

The ideas of Deleuze are not limited to Post-Marxist but his concepts go beyond with what he intended, his concepts can be stretched.The Deleuzian concept also extended to Post-Structuralism (where there is a questioning and “redefining” of symbols).Deleuze, being a historian, looks at concepts and finds their problems.In Villani’s essay, there is such as the Philosophy of Art.He said that we stop at art and not even look what is behind it.Deleuze is a great philosopher because he tries as much as possible to look at subjects and questions them.

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