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Lewis Black was born on August 30, 1948 in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA as Lewis Niles Black.

But for whatever reason, I have the same response when I see her on anything as I do when I see Amy Schumer. Like a fusion between outright irritation and eye-rolling boredom. But I admire her guts in persuing a career where looks and talent usually count for something.

The African singer Denicia has the "best" results as far as not looking ashy and grey, but I am offering no compliments. It's crazy what Eurocentric standards of beauty have done to so many populations.

She looks sickly to me, maybe prednesone for allegories.

God knows they fuck with my face when I take them(I'm not dark skinned but still). And don't slag her for not dating other Indians, most Indian men would think she was too dark to marry and are chasing white women themselves.

The overarching issue with her is that she's unfunny and untalented, and her show is a piece of garbage, but she asserts in every other interview that if you don't find her just darling and her comic skills genius, then you're sexist, racist, sizeist, etc.

She's the same kind of narcissist as Sarah Jessica Parker and Lena Dunham.

Get over yourself, don't make the character you're portraying insufferable, and JUST BE FUNNY.

You run a good chance that a photo taken by an actual photojournalist will accurately depict the person.

You can't assume that a photo appearing in on a news site is accurate. There is no reason to assume a photo taken at an entertainment event is accurate. Do a google image search for Kaling and you can see how her skin tones vary within a relatively short time period. In Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa and Togo, 25%, 77%, 27%, 35% and 59% of women, respectively, are reported to use skin lightening products on a regular basis. You can tell because the skin starts looking weirdly gray and blotchy. Rihanna and Beyonce lighten, too, but they do very expensive and very high end methods. I saw her last summer in LA and she was as black as ever, so if she is lightening it's very recent. A LOT of Asian women (all kinds) paste themselves lighter for events, and end up looking like Mindy looks here.

In some cases pictures taken at the same event are different. Nearly 40% of women surveyed in China (Province of Taiwan and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region), Malaysia, the Philippines and the Republic of Korea reported using skin lighteners. I haven't read every post on this thread == but couldn't the difference be related to season sun exposure?

I'm Italian and, by August, I'll be as dark or darker than many African-Americans. It's not intentional either, She definitely lightened her skin.

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