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Northern Ireland journalist) [1]) is an author, journalist and long-distance motorcycle rider living in Belfast. The worst: There was very little information in 1973. After touring through New Zealand in 2004 and being back in Germany we recognized, that we made a mistake.

He is now a motorcycle columnist for the Daily Mirror, the editor of Microlight Flying magazine and the Daily Telegraph's travel expert on Northern Ireland. I liked the hills of Malaysia, most of Thailand (except Bangkok! I found the Indians generally very bad for my nerves, but the temples, palaces and fortresses wonderful, their ruins are the best in the world. Route 2002: Perth Fremantle Pinnacle Desert Monkey Mia Bungle-Bungle NP Darwin Kakadu NP Devils Marbles Alice Springs Ayers Rock Olgas Coober Pedy - Adelaide Melbourne (6 weeks and 11 100km).

His first travel book, , the story of Carl Stearns Clancy, who traveled around the world by motorcycle.[6][7] Hill recreated Clancy's 1912–1913 circumnavigation of the globe (see Carl Stearns Clancy § Centenary commemorative circumnavigation), carrying with him Clancy's original boots, which are now in the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa, along with Clancy's diaries, photographs, pith helmet and the world's only unrestored 1912 Henderson, the type of motorcycle Clancy rode. Nepal was wonderful, the scenery magnificent and the people as nice as the Thais. Route 2003: Melbourne Wagga Wagga Bourke Tablelands Cape Tribulation Cairns Arlie Beach Rainbow Beach Brisbane Sydney Dandenongs Great Ocean Road Melbourne (6 weeks and 9 000km).

Hill has either won or been shortlisted for a UK Travel Writer of the Year award nine times. Australia doesn't have mountains like Nepal or Europe. Afghanistan was probably the most interesting country en route for the goodies in the shops, and the people often attractive if potentially dangerous. Eeastern Turkey likewise (Kurdish), but Turkey has more Greek & Roman ruins than Greece & Rome, and excellent scenery. Route 2004: Auckland Cape Reinga Auckland Rotorua Waipukurau Wellington Picton Westport Wanaka Queenstown Milford Sound Bluff Dunedin Christchurch Kaikoura Picton Wellington New Plymouth Hamilton Auckland . Purpose of travel: After having gone twice around the world on freighters (ships) we wanted to do it overland as well.

He is also a former Irish Travel Writer of the Year and a former Mexican Government European Travel Writer of the Year, and has been Northern Ireland Features Journalist of the Year three times. Equipment: In 19 John build boxes out of aluminium with an aluminium "skin" of 3 or 3/10 of mm: "I replaced the normal windscreen, leg screen, panniers, steel tank & seat with an aluminium tank of 36 litres, aluminium seat base, etc. The best: To know other nations, other people, different cultures and living and dealing with " Mother Nature ".

In 2007 he was NITB Northern Ireland Journalist of the Year.[8] He is the author of two novels, ------------------ John Todd. That added only about 25 kilos to the original bike (with panniers etc.) and weighed about 250 kilos empty, and about 360 kilos loaded (full tank etc.). The worst: NONE, because whenever it looked like a problem is coming up, there was always someone who gave us help and/or hospitality, so that the problem turned into a good and great experience.

first trip was very difficult: "I had little information and knew no one who had done the trip begore. (25/4/73 - 18/5/73) - rode hard 4,000 miles to Istanbul where my bike was stolen (18/5/73 - 9/6/73) - got to london, bought an BMW R75/5, rode 10,000 miles around europe (25/8/72 to 28/11/73). Again we stored the bike in Melbourne and had it shipped to New Zealand in 2004. Route: leaving 11/1/73, I rode my 1961 BMW R 60/2 across Australia 2,500 miles & 6 days to Perth where I caught a ship to Singapore - rode through Malaysia & Thailand to Chang Mai & Back, 4,000 miles, & 1 month and caught the ship to India (Madras) - rode through India 5,000 miles & 7 weeks (6/3/73 - 24/4/73) - rode from Amritsar to Kabul, to Bamiyan lakes in central Afghanistan, back to Kabul, Kandahar & Herat 1,700 miles. .1974 Yamaha Canning Stock Route Dirt Bike Expedition - 1974 Riders: Paul Alladyce (Australian, born ?? We loved Australia , stored the bike in Melbourne at a friends house and came back the following year 2003.It was ponderous, (difficult to get on and off, and at low speeds) but handled very well at more normal speeds. Useful Information: Going to the yearly "Bernd-Tesch-Meeting" in Germany and take the chance to use "Bernd's Individual Consulting" which safes you lots of money during your trip.Publications: A few stories for motorcycle club magazines. We can give information, how to get the bike into Australia without having a carnet and less stress.And two 2 stories in motorcycle magazines, the English "superbike" of november 1979 (no longer published, I believe) & the German magazine "Motorrad Mokick, Mofa und Sport" (mo) of august 1979. Earlier experiences: Gino Grimbacher started 1974 with little motorcycle trips around Germany (20 000km) on a DKW 200. 1st information by Chis Sally and Walter Mc Ardle 1st contact with John from Adelaide. 1st summary 1980 - 1994 he toured in several trips around Europe (60 000km) between North Cape Marocco and between Ireland and Czechoslovakia on a BMW R80/7. David Böll (German, born ) and Peter Gottschlich (German, David and Peter (Pe Go) rode overland from Cologne, Germany to Australia on two HONDA Africa Twin. They both work together in the Cologne Fire Service.

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