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Avto VAZ's majority owner is Alliance Rostec Auto BV with 74.5%, which is a joint venture of the Renault-Nissan Alliance with 67.1% and Russian company Rostec with the remainder, Avto VAZ produces nearly one million cars a year, including the Kalina family (hatchback, wagon and crossover), Lada Granta family (sedan and liftback), Lada Priora family (sedan, hatchback, wagon and coupe), Lada 4x4 (former Lada "Niva") and Lada Largus (Automobile Dacia platform), as well as the cars of Renault-Nissan alliance brands: Renault Logan II, Renault Sandero II, Datsun on-Do and Datsun mi-Do (the Nissan sub-brand), and Nissan Almera New.

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Production was intended to be 220,000 cars a year, beginning in 1971; car production actually began before the plant was finished in 1970.

Among many changes, aluminium brake drums were added to the rear, and the original Fiat engine was dropped in favour of a newer design also purchased from Fiat.

This new engine had a modern overhead camshaft design, but was never used in Fiat cars.

The suspension was raised to clear rough Russian roads and the bodyshell was made from thicker, heavier steel.

The first Lada models were equipped with a starting handle in case the battery went flat in Siberian conditions, though this was later dropped.

Another feature specifically intended to help out in cold conditions was a manual auxiliary fuel pump.

About 22,000 VAZ-2101s were built in 1970, with capacity at the end of 1973 reaching 660,000 a year; 21 December, the one millionth 2101 was built.

Exports to the West began in 1974; Ladas were sold as in several Western nations during the 1970s and 1980s, including Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, though trade sanctions banned their export to the United States.

Under the original agreement with Fiat, the car could not be sold in competition with the 124 until its replacement (the Fiat 131 Mirafiori) had been released and all Fiat production of the 124 had ceased.

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