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Ford Model A Fordor: Image courtesy of Wikipedia, 2006 Ford Model A: Image courtesy of Wikipedia, 2006 A number of body types became available in the 1920s.

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To illustrate, imagine a rubber band that gets left in a drawer for a few years.

It becomes brittle and when you try to use it, it may likely snap in half.

Unlike rubber bands, however, the degradation of rubber in tires may all be internal and NOT visible to the naked eye.

century, in the 1920s it became widely available to the general population.

More modest pricing and improved roads and highways systems launched the automobile into the daily lives of Americans.

Many post-WWI design changes help to distinguish this new era of driving.In 1922, enclosed vehicles were finally affordable and becoming more standard, especially in colder climates.Smoother contours made a more aesthetically pleasing form.Fender lines ran continuously from front to rear, squat hoods blended with front fenders, fender aprons partially concealed wheels, and a curved one-piece windshield replaced the old straight design.The Ford Model A, seen in the two images below, superceded the Model T in 1927.Note the enclosed body, longer hood, softer curves, one-piece windshields, and wider tires.

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