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Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2011 with funding from LYRASIS IVIembers and Sloan Foundation ^w^l^^M HOLIDAY GREETINGS TO THE SWEET BRIAR FAMILY After only a few months at Sweet Briar College.

Larry and I feel veiy much at home, as if Sweet Briar had been an important part of our lives for years.

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They were struck immediately with ivhat 1 had already Iccniied: that Sweet Briar's alumnae, parents. faculty, and staff share a special .fiiril and love for this campus.

Unquestionably, Siveet Briar is tbe kind if college that can and does make a profound difference in the lives of young women: watching this process is the reward of working here.

One of the most impressive and moving events of the Fall, to my mind, was a dinner during Alumnae Cou)icil to which this year's seniors were invited.

I watched, with great admiration, gen- erations of Sweet Briar aluiiiuae — all energetic women — reach out to our seniors who, in turn, ivere taking tbe first steps toivardfidl membership ■ in that lifelong network.

It was an evening everyone enjoyed, and I began to understand the e.xtraonlinaiy stroigth of Sweet Briar's alumnae connection.

This college is blessed not only with a beautiful campus, but with a first-rate factdty, excellent students, and a most dedicated staff.

I am excited about the challenges ahead, particularly as the College prepares and refines a strategic plan over the coming year to position Siveet Briar as a strong educational force in the next centuiy.

In the coming months I will be talking with you about many new initiatives, because the College is not merely poised on the brink of the 2!

st century: it is striding quickly and puiposefully to meet the future.

In this, my first year I am focusing my time on the campus and planning: travel has been limited.

But please know that I will be visiting key areas soon, and that I look forward to nweting each one of you.

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