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Rumors have said that Julia Stiles may actually be, which is quite a bold statement to make.We have some transgender celebrities these days, but it’s still not extremely common.

If you missed the story, she's the former Navy SEAL who recently came out as a transgender woman, and she's just published a memoir, As a parent of a young transgender child, I encounter this type of disbelief on a daily basis.

My child is five years old, was born anatomically male, and has identified strongly and unvaryingly as female from the moment she could speak.

When I tell people that my son is now my daughter, the responses are remarkably predictable. People seem to wonder if they've heard me correctly.

Or they suggest that it's probably a phase, or that my son is just gay.

They tell me that little boy used to try on his big sister's dresses, too, but not to worry—it all worked out okay in the end. But I can tell that the idea of my child is entering their consciousness like a visitor from an alien galaxy.

They walk away from our conversations with stunned and thoughtful looks on their faces, as if they're thinking, "Did she really just say that?

" The problem I encounter most often is not one of prejudice, but of incredulity.

People generally don't reject us; instead, they tend to view my child as an exotic object of fascination, something far too rare to be threatening.

Just as we did with gay people until a few decades ago, we still speak of transgender people—if we speak of them at all—in hushed asides, as if their existence is more shadowy legend than reality, kind of like Sasquatch.

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