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Also dealers in Labels, Ribbons, Nails, Wi^ Flavors, Colors, Etc. We have the most thoroughly equipped ELECTROTYPE FOUNDRY in the State. Gearen Wm F, filler Spiegel, Thoms & Co, bds 47 Deloss.

' ' iv'^ -^ 105 and 107 South New Jersey St., INDIANAPOHS. Buchanan, 25, 27 and 29 SOUTH EAST STREET, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. / MANUFACTURER OF WROUGHT l AON AND STEEL ROAD PLOWS # WAGONS I IMtaiinfactare all kinds of Wagrons, Brick Beds, Coal, l^ime. Book Publishers, Job Printers and Manufacturers having Electro typing to do will consult their own interests by calling upon us before placing their orders. Glazier Charles C (Adams & Glazier), res 395 N East.

B®= This Plow is made from Wrought Iron and Steel exclusively, and adapted especially to Railroad. Farm and Clay Carts, Sprinij: 'Wasrous, Steel Scrapers, Brick Barro-ws, Bovrlder Pounders, . We continue to supply Newspapers with a First-Class Plate Service. Insarance effectpd in First- Clas N C'onipanies on all classes of Insurable Prop- erty at all points in America. Griffin Charles K, Secretary of State, Office State House, res 224 Broad- way.

Nnew jersey dating direct 19 txt 19

INDIANAPOLIS STEREOTYPE WORKS, Electrotypers and Stereotypsrs, ' 7t East l ATashington St., Indianapolis, Ind. Ewick John H, saloon 466 S Tennessee, res 492 same.

If you are publishing a Newspaper, call at our office and we will be pleased to show you proof sheets ; also the best style of " make-up " now in use, while in the matter of the plates themselves, nothing is left to be desired. PAXTON&CO GENERAL Real Estate, Passage, Loans, Foreign Exchange, Advertising and INSURANCE AGENTS, 39 and 31 Circle St., Indianapolis, Ind., U. Prompt Attention (iiren to all Business En- trusted to us. Harden Xyre N, Supreme Organizer United Order of Honor, rm 22 60 E Mar- ket, res 136 E St Clair. Panden & Sickford (Joseph M Panden, George Sickford), Second Hand Pianos and Furniture 6 Indiana ave.

71 EAST WASHINGTON ST, 7 Received Premiums, $850,000. Harvey Henry H, P O registry elk, res 150 Hoyt ave. L, Oy David m, Stoves and Tinware 240 S Meridian, res 27 Rockwood. Peacock Mary H, bkkpr elk Sup Court, bds 203 N Noble.

Black Thomas S, carp Wm Loucks, res 46 Michigan ave. Borchers & Chamness (Herman Borchers, Eli M'Chamness),mnfrs wire cutters and meat tenderers 346 N Mississippi. Bowlus John W, lawyer 22 Vance block, bds 115 N Illinois. Brown "Wm X, Lawyer room 34 Vance block, res 456 Broadway. *Dickerson & Smith (John J Dickerson, Thomas Smith), barbers 573 S Meridian and 117 Virginia ave.

Bishop Charles T, mngr Artists' Co-opera- tive Portrait House, res 48 Ash. *Dickerson John J (Dickerson & Smith), rms Park House.

Barnes G 'W & Co (George W Barnes), Installments 64 E Market. Bert Henry L,, Merchant Tailor 16 N Meridian, res 116 Plum. Debolt Michael, city agt J L Keach, res 665 Madison ave. Allen Chester, law student Ritter & Eitter, bds 401 Central ave. Artists Co-operative Portrait House, C F Bishop mngr 76J E Washington. Cass Dayton, barber Circle House, res 61 Ft Wayne ave, Catterson Scott, Wholesale Hard Wood Lumber Rooms 11 and 12 Bald- win Block, res 3 Water. Cortoaley "Wm H, Lawyer and U S Claim Agent 43 and 44 Vance Block, bds Pyle House. Curtis James B (Morris, Newberger& Cur- is), rms 180 N Illinois. Adams & Glazier ( Henry C Adams, Charles C Glazier), ins agts 92 E Market. W 8 Wisconsin Central Line 44 Wrought Iron Bridge Co 8 Wyckofl T, Seamans & Benedict, top edge and opp 851 Zener, Friedley & Co., right top lines and opp 855 ADDITIONS, REMOVALS, ETC., RECEIVED TOO LATE FOR REGULAR INSERTION. Adams Henry C (Adams & Glazier), res n w cor 2d and Alabama. M 20 Wehking Charles 25 Weinberger Herman 891 Wells James right side lines When Clothing Store, left bottom cards Wiebke & Prange 19 Wiegel Wm 923 Winslow W. J 18 Porter Mrs W H • 15 Prunk Hattie A 10 Pyle House 15 Queen and Crescent Eoute 30 Rafert C F 20 Ratti Joseph opp 650 Rockwood. .side lines Rubush Wm G opp 683 Salisbury & Stanley left bottom lines and 24 Sammons & Mueller.right top corner cards Shearer & Amos 19 Shearman W G side reference line front cover and opp 917 Shover & Christian left bottom lines and 27 Smith Frank H opp 731 Solliday H F 18 Sommerville T E right side lines South v Side Foundry Co right bottom corner cards Steeg & Bernhamer...top corner cards Stumpf & Thiele.-right bottom corner cards Taylor Major 897 Trook, Heeb & Redman front cover 10 and 29 Troy Steam Laundry 898 Tutewiler H W left top lines United Mnfg Co 18 Vandalia Line 35 Vonnegut Clemens left top lines Vonnegut & corner cards and 861 Wabash, St Louis and Pacific Ry 42 Wallace Samuel _ 26 Wasson Wm G right top lines Weaver F.

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