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oxotest , Riley Reid Fartface , Riley Reid has much newer glasses, a black Wayfarer frame similar to those black frames Jacky Joy has. Carrie , I might have been a bit harsh about the man in the video posted by Jan.

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I kept hoping at some point she might take her glasses off, but she never did. sk=casting-anetta-keys-woodman&so=510 REd , Janettache : I wear them all the time I have poor eyesight Me : minus prescription? Janettache : Yes minu Janettache : 4 Glasseslover , I remember this vid being posted quite some time ago and it was much longer. K Preview: always more new real GWG Live on webcam. and glasseslover , Yes, however that would require me to click on one of Alain's links or go to one of his sites and he would get a referral or click fee and that is something I will absolutely not do. Hunter , Some more pics of my favourite feminist: C3La Op UUIzm0n Txa Xo Galileo , A few pics; Top Top nova man , I dont think Rileys glasses are heavy so much as they are loose. Anyway, what's all this got to do with XXX or glasses etc. In nearly all cases, rape is a crime of power and domination, not an achievement in sexual satisfaction. , A really nice Real High Myopic Girl on live: See her pics here: always more gwg live: and: Carrie , Eyestein - Being a woman, I totally support the message they are trying to put across.

promoid=2023 , some more pluses from Czech Casting U can dig also by name and number in google for find hers vids for free. She was pushing her glasses up at the rate of every 30 seconds. , Nickey: , what do you call the other girls posted here? AHMD or whatever the fuck he calls himself these days simply rapes other cam sites and puts their links on his own. The best thing is when the glasses slide down her nose when she gives me head, and then I blow my load right onto her lenses. My wife could tell you that, my mother could tell you that, and my grandmother could tell you that. Is it because you do not understand that rape has nothing to do with sexual attraction?

perfekt Manuela : yes Me : Are glasses for distance with a minus prescription? Sansa Sweety Snow : -3 Sweety Snow , Glassespluslover , REd , : Cute in glasses as before Bohema : thnx for compliments - Me : May I ask a glasses question? Every time she looks down to type something her glasses slip just slightly but it's enough to bother and when she looks back up she feels the need to push her glasses back up. Tom1 , Red: I see you know a lot of models with bad vision and you also know their prescription. I tried sometime asking about their vision but the models I found were always very reluctant to tell... , minus: Galileo , Three short clips from Dawn (minus 6). -00- , "Tearing off each others clothes they entwine on the bed..." aviator -00- , "Gretchen peering daringly over dainty glasses..." Y. Just to get the things you can see somewhere else for free! Gino , Nova Man, loose glasses are a real turn-on indeed. She has always kept an old pair of hers, which now fits very loose because she wore the frames a lot years ago and the screws were never tightened, and puts them on when she feels like having sex :) She knows that the mere sight of her in those glasses turns me on immediately. Women who want men to be gentlemen should behave like ladies.

perfekt Manuela : 3,75 ang 3,5 I guess Manuela REd , Me : really!! Sansa Sweety Snow : yes Me : how minus are your glasses? Bohema : -3.5 - REd , Me : wearing contact lenses? Me : Blinking a lot Fill Your Brains : ok Me : Is prescription plus or minus? Besides playing with her hair quite a bit she is constantly pushing her glasses back up. " More often than not, they respond "Yes" Anything I post has been a response from one of the girls. (in fact most bespectacled models do not appear with glasses in their cover picture). I see lots and lots of cams of girls getting drowned in gobs of thick semen while wearing their glasses.

Fill Your Brains : -2.5 Your Brains Soundmanpt , REd I was just watching Dayana Dream for about 30 minutes and she is indeed a real dream girl. v=Et8w BYf_p8I VLOG Porn Pros Set Tour Behind the Scenes Minus , Minus , REd , Me : Can you read and write here without glasses? Recently my favorite question is " May I ask you a glasses question? I will feed my fetish and definitely not be editing AHMG.e Guest , Dear AHMG, at least have the decency to tell us your special Live Jasmin links contain your ID (hidden behind a URL shortener) and thus bring you revenue with every click. utm_source=Tubegalore&utm_medium=thumbs Tubegalore&utm_campaign=Tubegalore1#. There is a big following for that type of fetish on the net.

jasminnicky : -3.5 Me : Thank you , Thick Minus Glasses Alert! She is around -10.00 Preview: , Tom1, Some girls are reluctant to talk; others seem very open. She is back on line with her strong minus glasses Preview: Jade Y. Add to that the fact that his site and photoshoots are members only adds to the fact that he is greedy. performerid=Primavella&tags=girl&rec Id=hfk2xbk1-jbuanenq4gg-0enxngd&rec Pos=552&hq=0 Primavella : -3.5 chi2016 : how minus? Primavella : both chi2016 : Are glasses for reading or distance? q=%22roxanne+rae%22+%22glasses%22&hl=en&client=firefox-a&hs=nz K&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=GE1YUYX-Nu G60QXV1YHQAg&ved=0CAo Q_AUo AQ&biw=1184&bih=889 Roxanne Rae: a new discovery for me Yeti , some real rx: Please be nice, she is not in nude category, don't bother her with sexual request. AHMG , A cute girl with her Strong Plus Glasses on live: See her pics here: always more gwg live: and: , So you like to soak her glasses in your cum?

This is a poor image but the glasses look pretty strong. , Apr 2016, Apr 2016, , It might be said to be more selfish and greedy to demand that people provide you with free pictures etc at their own expense simply because you want them. The principle that he uses a free web forum to generate revenue for himself by referring thru the links is selfish, greedy and despicable behavior. utm_source=Donnie&utm_medium=tgp&utm_campaign=Donnie#. REd , To the person posting at , You are ever so clever. H , Talks about her glasses and gives her prescription at the end! Don't miss this really kind Myopic Girl: See her pics here: is a glasses enthousiast and think that thick glasses are cool. She will be happy to share her passion with you and to model with her thick glasses. XIAAMR49 UNr TLUc AA5Eyestein , Looks like Taiana Vega wears progressives. , " Eyestein , Has anyone seen Lindsey Luscious live? If you pause the video at just the right moment you can see perhaps 4mm of lens thickness protruding forward of her frames and at least 4mm hanging behind. Rayray , How exactly is it selfish and greedy to provide you with links that cost you nothing to click on and which you can ignore if you choose. That's one reason why I won't ever click on his links. I think it is all but a trivial programming exercise to define a view of all threads in which these posts are removed. Why don't you assign yourself an Eye Scene name and stop posting anonymously gwgs , Ruth Reynolds is compared here to another great glasses wearer Myleene Klass, only we get to see a lot more of Ruth than we have ever of Myleene!

viewkey=ph5718467679747&utm_source=blackrose&utm_medium=PT&utm_campaign=blackrose Y. As far as I am concerned Alain does a wonderful job with his models, and while he was grateful enough to give me a membership, I am grateful that he maintains such a nice site with all those wonderful pictures. utm_source=donnie&utm_medium=donnie&utm_campaign=donnie promoid=awn Pluslover , In the same vid, the lovely Emma Butt and the lovely Jessica Lo, both with quite plus glasses... , Oh, how I wish Eyescene had the same feature that good old internet newsgroup had, by which I could mark a certain poster with "k" (short for "kill"), and then I would never have to see posts coming out from this individual again.

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