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In supplying its commercial to against any claim instituted against whether in a court of law or otherwise arising from non-compliance with any law, rule or regulation, which indemnity shall include an undertaking to pay all costs associated with defending such claim.

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The WASPA Code states that subscription services may not be promoted in media specifically targeted at children.

This page provides information from various television channels to assist WASPA’s members with this requirement.

Please note that these rulings may change periodically and it is therefore suggested to check this document every time a TV campaign is planned.

Below is a detailed schedule of children viewing times across all television channels.

In addition to the WASPA Code, some channels have their own policies which should also be adhered to.

If you are a representative of a television station, and you would like to notify WASPA of a change to the guidelines below, please contact us via the contact page.

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