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Noel Kahn (Boyfriend) Ezra Fitz (Ex-Boyfriend) Sean Ackard (Ex-Boyfriend) Nick Maxwell (Flirted and Kissed) Jason Di Laurentis (Ex-Boyfriend) Xavier Reeves (Flirted and Kissed) Hallbjorn Gunterson (Ex-Boyfriend and Fake Ex-Husband) Lars (Ex-Boyfriend) Oskar (Hooked Up) Assisted in the blinding of Jenna Cavanaugh Had an affair with her English teacher Had the stolen piece of Ali's time capsule flag all along (Exposed) Pushed Tabitha Clark off of a roof Knew about her father's affair (Exposed) Stalked Meredith for a short while Wasn't legally married to Hallbjorn Gunterson. Lied about her age to Ezra (Exposed) Helped steal a painting Aria is described as having trademark short, shoulder length, blue-black hair and ice-blue eyes, which are her distinguishing features.She is said to be quite tall, as well as having pouty lips, and a thin, ballet dancer frame.Before moving to Iceland for a few years, Aria used to be Rosewood's resident weird girl.

Olga and toby still dating

Aria Montgomery is introduced as an artsy girl who doesn't really fit in with the preppy, glamorous image of Rosewood.

Her family is a bit odd too; her parents want her and her brother Mike call them by their first names, Ella and Byron, and they are much looser with rules than most Rosewood parents.

Aria, along with Spencer, Hanna, and Emily, suddenly finds herself as one of the most popular girls in Rosewood when Alison, the princess of their local private school, randomly decides to make them her new clique in 6th grade, and the 5 girls all quickly become best friends.

After Ali's disappearance, the remaining 4 girls all drift apart and Aria and her family move to Iceland for three years due to Byron's job as a professor and lecturer.

Before she had left, Aria and Ali had discovered that Byron was having an affair with one of his students, Meredith.

Byron makes Aria promise not to tell Ella or Mike, and she keeps the promise, trying to keep her family together.

Ali had constantly teased Aria about the affair, leading Aria to avoid her for a few weeks before Ali's death.

Aria comes back to Rosewood for her junior year of high school and, along with Spencer, Hanna and Emily, began to receive texts from someone called A.

She believes it's Alison at first, because the texts contained information about things only Ali knew, like the affair her father had with his student.

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