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Speaking from experience, one night stands can be fantastic. And I have serious decision-making issues — I still haven’t formally resigned from my high school job as a food runner at a pizza joint.

I mean, I guess the only thing I can be certain about at this point in my life is Hillary Clinton’s prosperous plan for our country’s future. I can get in and get out quickly, which allows me more time to post hot-n-ready, fresh-never-frozen content without all of the distractions. In fact, some people have terrible one night stands.

Here are a few examples of some one night stands that went horrifically wrong: I was studying abroad for a semester in Brazil and the university had one night a week where their students would take the exchange students out.

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This night we were at a club, and for some reason I indulged myself a lot more than usual. I woke up the next morning in a strange room, strange bed, with a cute Brazilian girl beside me.

She wakes up and I quickly realize she didn’t speak any English (this was only a couple weeks in so my Portuguese was nil to none to be honest).

My wallet was missing, my shirt was ripped, she wanted to go another round that morning (which I did so I could at least remember it this time), then I realized I was in an area of this city that isn’t exactly the safest.

Had to break out her computer and use Google translate to tell her to call me a cab, and then have her loan me money to get back to my dorm.

Oh, and replacing credit and debit cards overseas is a breeze, let me tell you.

Moral of the story – doesn’t matter, had up with no memory of each other, then she began screaming about being late to her grandma’s funeral.

Dropped her off in a tiny dress not wearing shoes still drunk as fuck in front of her entire extended family.

She told me I could sleep in as she left for work early, just to lock the door on my way out.

Her estranged husband decided to pop over, notices me in the bed, naked, gets pissed off, rants about how she’s a terrible person, and oh BTW did she mention she was married and has a kid.

I start get dressed, as I’m putting my shoes on husband picks up TV/VCR combo and is about to leave.

I say, “don’t steal her TV, she’s going to think I did it.” he did not seem to care.

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