Videoarab sex - One out of 100 chinese dating show

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though I would never participate myself in this kind of show (I have some experience with 湖南卫视, mostly not very pleasant), it was quite fun to watch... Yes, I have seen a white girl on the show, although it was an older episode from February.

I love this show as well -- was just thinking about posting a thread about it the other day. I did cry the other day when the Korean guy picked up 刘婷婷 after she's been standing there for soo many episodes -- very touching. I would even consider applying myself had it not been because I'm in a relationship... A girl from Ukraine, if I'm not mistaken (I remember thinking "man that Chinese girl got some really extreme plastic surgery... I don't think she was able to 牵手成功, but who knows, maybe she met a nice Chinese man in real life... There was a girl (American I think) that went with the 男嘉宾.

I'm pretty sure they got the trip to Hawaii as well.

I have recently become a fan of 非诚勿扰, the dating show where poor Chinese guys get the crap rejected out of them by 24 attractive ladies. I'm not even a fan of American dating shows at all, and I'm pretty sure Chinese dating shows are generally just as bad (just to be sure, I did take a brief look at some other Chinese dating shows, and, yup, they do suck). I think the producers place most of the emphasis on clever casting choices, and dating effectiveness ranks very low on their list of priorities (it's unusual to see more than one 牵手成功 in any given episode).

If a chubby weird-looking guy comes on the stage, you can be pretty certain he's either funny or has an interesting story to tell, even if he has no chance of walking away with a girl.

I haven't seen very many episodes yet, but there haven't been any repeats in terms of the occupations of the guys who come on the show.I also think the host, 孟非, is quite funny and has good chemistry with the two commentators.So, uh, express your love for this show in the comments, or suggest that there's a better reality show on Chinese television.Update: Alternatively, specify which female contestant is your favorite.Since they keep coming back to the show if they don't 牵手成功, you do start to get a sense of their personalities after several episodes.My favorite is the dance instructor, because her non sequiturs are so perfectly delivered.

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