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What our some of the unhealthy sources of our Puritan discomfort that you would identify?DA: I think the purity movement as a whole has been a reaction to culture, rather than an exploration of what God wants for us.

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Purity thus became a litmus test for every “good” Christian.

MG: So what would distinguish the kind of “purity” that Jesus talks about when he says, “Blessed are the pure in heart” from the kind of “purity” in evangelical purity culture?

Can there be a positive form of “purity” or has that word been permanently spoiled for people who grew up in purity culture?

Dianna Anderson is a twitter friend and conversation partner who is part of our growing tribe of ex-evangelicals on the Internet.

Dianna does a great job of synthesizing the insights of intersectional feminism and Christian theology on her blog.

She has just released Damaged Goods: New Perspectives on Christian Purity which seeks to advance a healthier vision for sexuality than the one she received from her upbringing in conservative evangelical purity culture.

I don’t always agree with everything Dianna says, but I think her perspective is tremendously valuable and important to consider.

So I had a chat with her today about her new book and her vision for a sex-positive Christianity.

MG: So I wanted to start with a really broad question that I wanted to use as a title: Can Christianity be sex-positive? Christianity’s sex-negativity seems to come more from our historical Puritan discomfort with sex rather than anything based in a relationship with God.

So it needs to be reframed and looked at closely, but I think it’s definitely possible.

MG: I definitely feel like there’s a whole lot of baggage that’s gotten mixed up with our sexuality.

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