Online dating for older gay men

Perhaps you have left or lost a partner, and are not up for the complexities of an LTR.Or maybe you are simply too accustomed to the independence of single life.Whatever the reason, by this stage in life, you know where to find what you need: online hookup sites (Scruff, Grindr, Manhunt, Adam4Adam, Craiglist) or the more traditional in-person, impersonal venues.

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This article is dedicated to Boomers/Seniors looking for relationships, and many of the recommendations that apply to heterosexuals work for us too (see below).

But for LGBT Boomers/Seniors, there are some unique considerations in the mature quest for love.

As a psychologist who has worked with LGBT people from all generational cohorts for thirty years, I have some ideas that may help you in your search: Last but not least, enjoy yourself! After all, we have survived (paraphrasing Gloria Gaynor), and as time goes by, we understand how precious life is.

He has lectured on the relationship between culture, family and mental health all over the world. Haldeman is also currently running for APA President. This blog post was originally published at Boomer Premier Dating.

His long publication record includes over forty articles and book chapters on issues of Diversity, Ethics, Family systems, Practice Guidelines for marginalized groups, and competent treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals and families.

who has been a Counseling Psychologist in Independent Practice in Seattle for 29 years.I am lucky to be a veteran of 40+ years of living as an out gay man and a psychologist in the LGBT community.Living in the San Francisco area in the Seventies, I enjoyed the Disco Revolution; I marched with Harvey Milk; I sat bedside during the Eighties and Nineties at the deaths of countless patients and friends; and I did my part to rebuild our community in the ‘00s, and have thankfully lived to tell the tale.If you are reading this, you may be an older gay, lesbian, trans or bisexual person – which in our community could be anyone over 40 – and looking for love.Or you may be on your way to becoming an older gay person, so read on.Let me first say that if you are looking for a one-nighter, fair enough: many older queer folk are not interested in a long-term relationship (LTR), or even dating, for a number of reasons.

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