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It took me 1.5 year to make this and it's finally finished :) Making a game all by yourself is hard work and for this game i wanted to do something unique so i hired some cheap french prostitutes to do the vioce acting.

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I made this game as a tribute to Girls Bravo my favourite anime.

Please if you have time go check it out, Yukinari is awsome.

The bonus you get ad the end was from Ar Tonelico knell de arciel one of my favourite games.

There is a little bit of hentai in this game but then again so is there in Girls Bravo the serie.

So please dont be to critical about this i know many people like hentai and many hate it so maybe i will work in the future on a version with out hentai.

This game drives more on the story just like Girls Bravo the serie and i used all there original music wits was really hard to get. Unlike a troll, I will explain what's wrong with it.Thanks for playing my game and i hope you enjoy it. Welllllll, to start of, it is rather basic at the least, the majority of scenes were taken directly from the anime, which is cool, but what wasn't was kind of poor.Next, I get it if you were trying to be different, but the structure is completely different.You should probably check out other sim dates such as Galaxy Angel or Sim Girls for a good structure type.I do like the idea of it being based off a harem, though, (or any other anime).The grammar and spelling needs work, so if you are to want to do more, I suggest writing the script in MS word, or something else with spell check.

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