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Christian Louboutin 2016 Spring and Summer Handbags Series is a special diary recording how the designer crossed paths with the girls in the show arena.

The episode, which was highly inspiring for him, had led us into Paris Cabaret on which Christian first set foot in his youth.

He was fascinated by the lights, the music and the steps of dancers of the show, while the sexy Cabaret girls had made quite a hit with him.

When Christian got down to designing the Spring and Summer Handbags Series, the gorgeous Cabaret, which was hanging over his head, fit into Paloma.

Christian began with the most basic element—the sexy legs of the Cabaret girls, which were the source of power behind every excellent show.

Imagine with closed eyes, the Chritian Louboutin high heels the UK girls wear silhouette to full advantage their shapely figures.

The legs metamorphose to nude color calfskin handbags.

They secretively yet fluently merge into the bags, like casual glimpses of the sexy legs of the Cabaret girls behind the curtain, which makes people’s hearts thump wildly.

Louboutin savored the curtain of the Cabaret stage, which was the iconic element of cabaret performance.

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