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He confirms that the couple is recording a song “about the trials and tribulations of love” and reports that they’re also planning to co-author a book on domestic violence. Next, Tyra talks about an interview she conducted with Rihanna in which the singer recalled the migraine-inducing arguments her parents had when she was a child.

If a girl has enough nerves to hit a boy, she should get hit back.” And Monique, live from Boise, Idaho and surrounded by a group of high-school classmates, tells the story of her own emotional and physical abuse: “I want Rihanna to know that things like this happen to everyone,” she says.

Perhaps the saddest moment on the show comes when visibly shaken friends of Charney Watt, a high-school cheerleader in Charlotte, North Carolina who died Sunday after allegedly being gunned down by her ex-boyfriend, speak to Oprah and Tyra via satellite.

Asked about Rihanna, one girl refers to the singer’s reunion with Brown. “Everybody expected Rihanna to step up and be a role model.” But, Tyra reminds us, we can’t force Rihanna to behave as we wish she would: “She is no better or different than any other girl.

“It’s the story that brought dating violence back into the headlines in a big way,” began the promo for Oprah’s much-touted Thursday episode.

After weeks of rumors and tabloid speculation about 21-year-old Rihanna, who suffered injuries at the hands of her boyfriend, 19-year-old Chris Brown, mama O seized this “teachable moment” with a full hour devoted to talking about teen dating violence.

In case you missed it, below are some of the highlights: The show begins with a chilling statistic: 1 in 3 high school students have been involved in dating violence.

“If a man hits you once, he will hit you again,” Oprah admonishes her young viewers.

After greeting her audience, Oprah introduces fellow talk-show host (and avowed Oprah wanna-be) Tyra Banks.

Later in the show, Tyra talks about a possessive, emotionally abusive boyfriend from her 20s.

It took several attempts before she could break up with him, and Tyra emphasizes that she could only do it because she had a plan.

Oprah turns the floor over to Kevin Frazier from “Entertainment Tonight,” who reviews the Rihanna-Chris Brown saga for anyone who might be renting space under a rock.

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