lemon dating web site - Outlook 2016 inbox not auto updating

They are in weird arrangements not even Alphabetical order?And some Sub-Folders are not under the dedicated Main Folder?Would appreciate if this issue get resolved in the next update. Selective subfolder sync including count of unread items in subfolders an ideally a combined inbox across all subfolders (Using exchange server rules automatically distributing mail to project inboxes) Hello- I would like to suggest a feature to consider for future versions- Automatic sub-folders synchronization under inbox.

Right now I have to open my sub-folders one at a time to check for emails.

This is a big time sink and makes it hard for me to know if I have new emails at-a-glance. Best, Jonathan I think the folders/subfolders should be more collapsible within the Outlook app - or more searchable so that a user would not have to scroll down the list of folders each time she was looking for a specific folder. i use and have all sorts of rules set up to move email to child folders as they arrive in my inbox. As Outlook for i OS doesn't sync sub folders automatically (at least I've never found a way to do it!! So, please sync sub folders Please please please automatically sync all folders and notify when there is a new email in that folder.

For exchange users with mailbox rules to sort mail into folders it is the one thing that is holding this application back from being the must use application.

Mails arriving in inbox are highlighted and count of unread mails is shown adjacent to it. It seems that this Outlook client randomly does or does not download those messages from the Exchange environment.

But in case of mails which are set by rules to arrive in subfolders are not coming automatically as it happens on desktop. I use Exchange Server side rules to populate folders based on the sender.

I have to actually go into the folder and force a refresh.

It's frustrating because I have to manually go into each folder and force a refresh or I miss the notification and I miss the emails.

When in my main inbox folder, it would be great if when I slide down to update, it then updates all sub-folders I have under 'Inbox', rather than having to go to each sub-Folder individually and having to update.

Hello I use Outlook for working and I make many folders for tracking mail easily.

Outlook PC version can use filtering and send specific person's mail direct to subfolder. Mobile version didn't refresh subfolders automatically. but Basic iphone mail app refresh and push subfolder automatically.

On outlook mobile, when I want to check subfolder's mail, there are too many time waist because refresh all last mail everytime. My Folders & Sub-Folders are not syncing same order as on the Sever?

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