is chili still dating lassi - Over 40 single parent dating

Doomsayers will tell you that if you're both a mom and you're over 40, you have two strikes against you when it comes to finding a guy and dating. All single people have their own sets of challenges – idiosyncratic circumstances they must overcome if they're going to meet someone new.

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Arlene Ingram, owner of the Atlanta Upscale Singles dating service, suggests focusing on the personal traits you value in a man.

If you meet someone who fits the bill, but he's gone a little gray at the temples -- don't automatically cross him off your list.

If you reject everyone who's not celebrity-perfect, you might be alone for a very, very long time.

This doesn't mean you have to settle for less, however.

Make another list of things you really can't live with.

For example, a guy with no patience for kids would obviously not be for you.

Somewhere inside you there's a 25-year-old woman who once had flirting down to a fine art.

If you lost that knack over the years while you were focusing on your kids, then re-kindle that old flirting magic, and put it to good use. Practice in front of a mirror if you must, but make sure your kids are in bed first so you don't take a lot of ribbing.

If you're in the mall shopping for back-to-school supplies and you spy a nice-looking guy coming up the aisle toward you, make eye contact. Ditch the sweatpants and the ponytail before you go out on errands.

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