Owen wilson now dating

"We all assumed that Owen Wilson was pursuing his ex-flame Kate Hudsonx85 until now.

Reports have surfaced that he may be courting his x93Marley and Mex94 co-star Jennifer Aniston. Rumor has it that the Butterscotch Stallion and the former Mrs.

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x93The hugging didnx92t end when the cameras stopped rolling.

They were very flirty together, far more than you would expect.

In between takes they were hanging onto each other.

They are very friendly.x94A friend of Anistonx92s told press she wasnx92t initially looking forward to working with Wilson, given his recent personal troubles.

x93She wasnx92t looking forward to the film at first because she was worried about working with Owen, but he has turned out to be a real surprise.

Shex92s finding out that hex92s a terrific guy whox92s fun to be around. But shex92s having so much fun hanging out with Owen.

Shex92s just really relaxed and happy, which is nice to see.x94Jennifer is in need of some attention right now. Carolina Cerisola, bisexual dancer from Argentina who was involved with her fellow female dancers at 40 Deuce. Kate Hudson, who admitted to having sex with Chris and his female groupies on a regular basis. Jennifer Aniston, rumored to have had a girlfriend relationship with Owen's ex, Sheryl Crow, when they lived near each other in Malibu after Jen and Brad broke up and Sheryl and Lance broke up. Either he has a thing for watching women in same sex situations, or he has a low self esteem issue that makes him feel at a deep level unworthy of being a woman's sole object of affection and so he only goes after women who are fundamentally unavailable.

She wrung as much as she could out of the jilted ex-girlfriend role. Sheryl Crow hung out in Malibu on a regular basis with Jennifer and Courtney right after the Brad and Lance breakups had happened - Sheryl and Jen helped each other through tough times and became very close.

Now nobody cares and she's looking to get back in the spotlight. Are studios that desperate to make her a movie star? Sheryl and Owen shared a mistress way back when they lived together. Actually, r20, did you ever hear the rumor about a hotel room that Sheryl and Gwyneth shared about two or three years after Gwyneth and Brad broke up?

Apparently a maid from the hotel sold an anonymous bit to a tabloid claiming that there was one bed which was completely torn apart, making it seem as if they had had sex.

In any case, it is absolutely true that Jen and Sheryl were close in Malibu - there were paparazzi photos of them together by Courtney's house.

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