Parent teacher dating policy

Teachers and parents must create positive behaviors and clear expectations students can obtain and comprehend.

The teacher-parent relationship must set a good example by following the same expectations used for the students and with the same values outlined in the school’s rules.

The following guidelines will assist and facilitate positive, clear expectations for all involved while contributing to a safe school climate.

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If your child recently moved from elementary to middle school, you're in for a change.

Gone are the days of the intimate parent-teacher conference, when you met one teacher who knew everything about your child.

Middle and high school parent-teacher nights are more like speed dating, as this Associated Press story explains.

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Students perform better in school when teachers openly communicate with parents, when parents become actively involved in their children’s education and when a healthy school climate is maintained.

Close communications with parents and strong leadership skills from the teacher can significantly improve the school climate, educational experience, and follow the students throughout their lives.

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