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Patti Feinstein • America’s Dating Coach Are you fed up with your dating life and ready to make a change?My effective and affordable programs are designed to fit your specific, personal needs.

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In 1992, she saw a help-wanted ad to for a dating service which interested her, and ultimately ran and managed a variety of dating services for ten years (making over 20,000 introductions), taking only a short leave in 1998 to marry.

"As AMERICA' S DATING COACH I don't believe in looking, or internet dating, speed dating, personal ads.

However, people have had some success with these methods and so if that is their intent, Feinstein coaches on how to write a decent ad, speed date and get results or find a dating service that fits their personality.

I have my own tried-and-true ideas of how to meet the right person, and design a personal, tailor-made dating program for each client, based upon their goals, personality, and lifestyle.” AMERICA' S DATING COACH can be reached by calling: 312.243.5114 or logging on to

“Patti re-directed me in a positive, entertaining way.

Then she followed up to make sure I was doing my part and taking responsibility for accomplishing my goals.I am closer to finding my true life partner than I ever was before because now I know what I want and deserve.”- Marsha “Thank you for teaching this class, I thought you were great!You have the ability to relate to people and not just have some strategic formula.You were also informative and entertaining,you have a talent as a teacher.I don’t remember the last time I enjoyed sitting in a class like that.” – Caryn “Thank you Patti for suggesting Sterling Register.It was a great way to network with other women who were in similar situations as me.

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