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Skype shows is a great way for amatuer models to make some extra income, or create a full-time employment.

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You can either partner with a network or do it 100% independent.

Partnering with a network is a great way to get traffic to your Skype shows and generate sales.

If you’re going 100% independent, you’ll be responsible for all the marketing and sales, but you’ll get to keep more of the profits (Still going to have to pay a payment processor a couple percentage points). With this route, you’d register for all the networks to offer sexy Skype shows, but still try freelancing on the side. Sky Private gives you the tools you need to charge for Skype shows as well as some marketing tools.

Model’s get a profile page on their Skype directory which will generate you leads and sales.

Advanced scheduling functionality and social media links can be added to each Sky Private profile.

Many Vids – The primary focus of Many Vids is selling amatuer video sets, but the network allows for models to sell a bunch of other products and services as well.One service Many Vids supports is the sale of private Skype shows.Model’s can choose their tiered rates (discount for buying bulk minutes) and describe their shows.The Skype icon shows up on the profiles of any models selling Skype shows.You Kandy – Adult amateur marketplace and camming community.Models can register for You Kandy and sell a wide range of products and services, including private Skype shows.

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