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Have you been Catfished or subject to dating scams or fraud? New research shows that significant numbers now suspect they have.

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Dating looks to have extra expenses too, 10% said they have been asked to lend a date money and have given them it.

But a more savvy 22% said they refused to hand it over and subsequently never saw them again.

Cam Le, Security Expert at Bull Guard said: “While online dating is an increasingly popular trend and can be a very successful platform on which to meet like-minded people, it can also potentially open you up to identity fraud if you’re not aware of the dangers.

“It’s very difficult to get the balance right between being friendly and engaging with new people and giving too much away.

“If anyone is asking for too much personal information soon after striking up conversation, then alarm bells should start ringing.

“If something feels wrong then hold back.” The study also revealed the typical adult chats to four individuals a week and will disclose personal information that could compromise their security after exchanging just five instant messages.

Confidential details such as home address, surname and phone numbers are shared within minutes of meeting a stranger on the web for the majority of people looking for love.

Three in ten daters give out their phone number after just a few messages, claiming it’s easier to chat via text or other messaging application.

The survey revealed three quarters of those studied were in agreement that there is a very fine line between being friendly and chatty on dating sites and giving out too much information.

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