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Women love to show their breasts and most men love to look at them...So why are we, as men, afraid to throw a rod or to show off our bulge or pouch?

When I was finished with therapy I began seeking out local massage therapists when I came across one in particular that advertised "Draping Optional" massage. Esalen was the style in which they use long flowing strokes up and down the body and to have a towel covering would only be in the way. Not only because of the pricing @ 40/hr, but the thought of being nude in front of an older woman kinda turned me on.(I am 24yrs of age) When I arrived the therapist set me up in the room and left.

When I layed face down on the table I made sure to point my penis outwards to be visible from the back.

I was immediately turned on and became throbbing hard.

I go to a CMT that allows me to be nude for a 2 hour session.

When I flip over on my back I always get an erection.

She massages my entire body and has no problem with it.She doesn't allow any of her clients to massage her.Yes she did go to massage school and gives one of the best massages I have ever received. my MT always gets me aroused,i wear nylon boxer trunks and when up around my inner thighs i get an erection very quickly,she knows i do and its very visible as i tent up in my shorts,it stays hard for ages,i love it,ithink she does as well,she relaxes it for me as well I am glad to see that some people realize that an erection is a natural bodily function.The fact that women don't have results as visible as men do when they get excited should not mean that men have to hide a normal event.Americans are so provincial about the subject of erections and even about seeing a man's bulge in tight trunks or underwear....It is our manhood and, in a similar way, a woman's breasts are a part of her womanhood.

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