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If you get an answering machine, stick to the point; mention your name, the purpose of your call and a number or email address where you can be reached.Speak calmly and clearly and make certain you’re heard.After you’ve left your message, don’t call again until she responds.

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Even if things aren’t going well for you at the moment, stay away from gloomy subjects or complaints.

Talk about things you enjoy and engage the other person in topics she likes.

Always end the call on a sunny note -- this leaves a lasting impression in ways the other parts of the call may not.

The first phone calls during the dating process rank as some of the scariest and most exciting parts of a romance.

You’re speaking directly to the person for the first time, getting an idea of who they are unfiltered by the more calculated exchanges in emails and text messages.

Proper dos and don’ts can be unclear during phone calls.

Dating etiquette means being courteous and thoughtful without appearing overly eager.

When calling a potential date, choose a period in the late afternoon or early evening, after the workday is over but before it gets too late.

Always call a few days before any date you have in mind because you don’t want to spring anything on him too quickly.

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