1 By copying and installing the Application to a mobile device or a personal computer the User accepts all terms and conditions of the Agreement.

2 Using the Application is allowed only on the terms and conditions of the Agreement.


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3 Using the Application on the terms and conditions of the Agreement for non-commercial purposes is free of charge.

Using the Application on the terms and with methods that are not specified in the Agreement is possible only on a separate agreement with the Copyright Owner at a price established by the Copyright Owner.

4 The Agreement also applies to any updates of the Application by means of Internet. The terms and conditions of the Agreement also apply to such updates.

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To run Chess Cube you need to install Adobe Flash Player version 10.1.0 or greater.

It's really easy to install, click on the image below to start the process: Click here to continue after you have completed the installation.

Please read this License Agreement in full before using the Galaxy Application.

Any use of the Galaxy Application means you accept the terms and conditions of this License Agreement.

If you don't accept the terms and conditions of this License Agreement, you don't have the right to use the Galaxy Application for any purpose.

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