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A SLIGHT CHANCE OF THUNDERSTORMS WILL REMAIN IN THE FORECAST THIS AFTERNOON THROUGH TUESDAY. Call 1-800 660 -5030 JD's Tackle JD's Tip-- safty pin a simple balloon on the back of the kite-- helps keep it afloat!LIGHT WINDS ARE EXPECTED EXCEPT QUITE GUSTY AND ERRATIC NEAR ANY THUNDERSTORMS. ONSHORE FLOW WILL INCREASE WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY... Today Wind variable less than 10 kt...becoming W 10 kt in the afternoon. Mixed swell W 1 to 2 ft at 14 seconds and S 1 to 2 ft at 14 seconds. a empty water bottle will work to - hung in the tail sock- [email protected] having made a little squid earlier in the evening they was all set -- but they didn't find them this morning after the nights weather- Sport boats were asking him for marlin advice , marlin were after there trolled tuna feathers- and not sticking-- that's jig fishing!

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The ABC Avalon Billfish Classic second year event starts this morning has the boys after points and weight.

Right on the tide this morning the radio became active with Tournament Control Mary responded with hook up times and confirmed releases by photos taken of various boat gear, chair, ice chest, etc.

Fast action with 5 minute fish hook and release times during that peak tide swing today- maybe 5 to 6 fish hooked within a 15 minutes span. Over in PEI with some of the local boys you’ll recognize, we put this 565 lb.

areas of fish- 39/54, 39/55, 41/57 , 40/ 57 - 38/53, 37/55, 38/54 ---------------------------------------------------------------- The 2016 Masters- Taken by Dave on Bull Pen Second day of masters - more to come Score sheets Day 1 - Day 2 -- ------------------------------- Watch out for the weather Thursday ------------------------------- ----------Gone fishin- Tournament Controll for the Masters-- ---------------------Sept 15---------- Weather cooperating for this weekend-- thanks-- this mornings light south wind due to swing to a light west. Fish on the deck ;-) Bill U and locally Drift with baits for the tunas-- still going off for a few boats out there this morning--- scratchy report- A quick glance at the upcoming weather through Sailflow- shows promiscing weather for the weekend, a south flow Friday morning- swinging to a light west in the afternoon and - Best of Luck- JD Filling Moon--- Full moon this weeknd-- Stand by!

Same thing for tomorrow and Sunday with some late afternoon wind up north- Bait making off Newport fair to good- with the macks taken off the west jetty with chum- good mix of bait- Boats headed out today for a bit of Pre Fishing for the Masters-- One boat came on the radio 10 am saying they had some marlin dope-- 57/49 not sure if that's up or down-- Takes a lot of bait-- yesterday it was wide open tunas --- nothing for us today- here on the 181-- we're almost out of bait--chuming the sonar marks --hope you've brought a lot of bait. Big tides could trigger large earthquakes, study says ---------- Tuesdays offline ------------- --------------------------- Mondays report ------------- Overcast this morning- light southeast wind on the coastline- 4-6 kts- - Kick off will be at the new Marina Park located on the Balboa peninsula just past 18th Wed Night.

so and so is 39 up and 42 out -- he's got about 12 of 15 dorado in board already- we're 16 clicks above him for some tunas-- am were movng--- haven had a bite must be 50 boats hee and they all look slow-- In Checking with the San Clemente Island Security -for fishing and anchorage at the island- Hi JD Finally got one!!! Caught on flylined sardine, 25 lb test, straight mono, and 2/0 J hook. Give the Club a call if your adding a team or have angler changes, 9 or email to the [email protected] year marks the Third Great Marlin Race here in the Masters-- We should give all the Clubs a great hand for their sponsorship towards these studies.

Scattered catches with most fish centered off the Catalina's West end to the 172 and into Santa Barbara island, others found fish up in the Channel Islands grounds and down on the 43 and tuna grounds- Boats still out for the tunas--- hey boat coming up right behind me-- we've got a chum line out your going through it-- turn off - pm very quiet on the VHF today- you'd think Summer was over we had one marlin hold the bait it in his mouth and spit it- it was a nice one-- they catching 40 grade yellowfin on their sornar-- where that bait was-- though I saw some bigger fish pop there too - next to the New Low -Ann, in that same where all the marlin were - by the 43-- closer to the bank- proper from the 181 --all the way from the-- 41/55 to the 43/ 53 lines- We just got bit-- three bites, two dropped it- one line broke!

pm That paddy was loaded with Dorado that would not bite-- bring that other gear with you next time-- ----------- The reports ------------- Only a couple privates next to me-- there's a big school coming under the boat-- it's tough-- we've got three on the boat so far- am Coastal morning cloud cover- spots of blue behind, wind light from the west light wind ripple with it- seas fair- lots of boats out-- Marlin boats went up north, tuna boats went south- there's a mix in between with either one in the others spot!

Wind picking up along the coast early as that marine coastal cloud cover lifts, Slow for us so far-- crossing from the rigs towards the A bank, might have been a fish released there earlier this morning-- Stan released one yesterday up towards the 172, another boat one off the Slide , 152 held lots of bait- and one the Isthmus yesterday too .

Halfway between the 181- 182 just picked up a 60lb yellowfin on a Black and purple lure-- am T/C Nuevo hooked up--pm Some of the bigger yellowfin were at 45/ 52 - wind stayed fair + for most of the day- 12-west- couple more marlin bites-- one while soaking a sardine in a chum slick when it jumps up attatched to a line- waters a bit offcolored on the A bank 68/70 not much happening- As the new week begins speculation on the marlin, tunas and weather plays into the game-- good luck next week- filling moon stand by!

--------------------------------- Sat's reports ------------------- Snotty yesterday afternoon--- you'd have to think there would be some leftover crud from yesterday-- yet inner waters this morning were overcast and was much better than expected- smaller boats made the crossing to Catalina with ease.

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