relative age dating and absolute age dating - Podcasts not updating on blackberry

The second and third option I detail are fine but they require you to install i Tunes.The only downside with any of these is that Podcasts tend to be long so if you lose your place or want to rewind a few seconds you will be stuck with the pitiful Black Berry media player which only allows you to move forward and back by a minute or two.This gets really annoying when you just want to rewind a few seconds and have to listen to the whole minute again.

The best place I go to find Podcast feeds is at which has quite an extensive collection.

Juice just downloads the MP3 files but you will then need to copy them over to your Black Berry memory card using Roxio or the Mass Storage Mode.

Option 2: May be a better option for i Tunes users and is still free If you use i Tunes you may like this solution better.

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One of our readers, Pei, asked me how he could listen to Podcasts on his Black Berry.

The honest answer is that so far there is no easy way to subscribe to a podcast on your Black Berry.

There are a few solutions that I will detail out below but none of them are seamless and most of them have issues.

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