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:) 1 month ago charlottewangwang @a2wqq yeah I love both dry and soup!!!

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The dating service gets players to meet up at a prearranged Poke Stops or Poke Gyms.

From there they go out and explore the city together.

The service, which costs $20 (roughly £15), will select a match for you, find a time that’s best to meet up and track down the nearest and most convenient Poke Stop or Poke Gym to meet at.

Once your profile is completed, they’ll ask you to reconfirm your email and verify you via text and you’re set to go.

They’ll review your profile (we like that) to keep the site safe.

PokéDate is free to join, but once they create a fix up for you, you’re charged at for your date.

If you use the promo code of Project Fixup is offering first dates for free with the promo code of “POKEDATES2016,” you’ll get your first date free.

So get ready to share your score and level on Pokémon go with someone with similar passions.

Initially just the soup one but I've grown to love the dry ones too so yumz. Oh and There's a store I always frequent at boonkeng mrt area (the row of Coffeeshop opposite I-tea/value dollar shop ) that has fabulous MHK (And it's Super chewy and the soup is damn sedap so is the sweet sour Chili) try it if u happen to be in the area!

Must be chewy and lumpy then shiok HAHA 1 month ago a2wqq I love love love meehoonkueh too!!!

I hope I get well soon too @glendarooo YUUZZZ love ikan bilis 😋 @sitinthefridge YA I hate the flat square MHK!!!

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