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Big Sister was a voyeuristic pay site, located in Prague, Czech Republic.Operating from 2005 to 2010, it described itself as the only brothel where customers could use the women's services for free, subsidized by paying Internet viewers; live video and audio streams and archived videos of the activity in the brothel were available on the website for a fee.These subscription fees, as well as sales of DVDs of the recorded action, represent the company's main source of income.

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Prague sex chat

Whether Big Sister was a brothel or not, prostitution in the Czech Republic is allowed for persons over 18 years of age; pimping is illegal (Sec. Big Sister, located in the Smíchov district of Prague, Nádražní 46, opened as a regular brothel in May 2004, and the Internet operation began in April 2005. The new brothel stayed open for about one year, and then closed.

Male customers pay an entrance fee of 500 Czech korunas (about $ 23); females and couples have free entrance. All customers are required to present identification papers and sign a multi page contract: they purchase the production of a DVD recording their actions in the club (which they can take home afterwards) and at the same time sell the rights to distribute the material online and on DVD for the same amount.

The length of each visit to a room with a prostitute is limited to one hour.

this includes access to the live streams, the video archive and a chat room; live video chat with the working women has to be paid extra.

The prostitutes (about 12 every night as of late 2005) receive a fixed salary and additional money per recorded sex act and per online show for the website subscribers, for an average compensation of about 3,000 € per month.

In June 2007, a brand new block of program was introduced, officially launching the first ever online broadcast swingers nights, where only couples and females are allowed.

Couples can claim their own DVD as well as have everything (buffet and beverage) on the house.

The start of the Internet operations in 2005 was followed by a heavy publicity campaign in Europe, leading to some 40 media reports in German, English, French, Czech, Italian and Russian, including reports by the largest TV stations in Germany and the largest newspapers in Germany and Switzerland.

During the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany in the summer of 2006, the company undertook a unique marketing campaign together with Heat TV.

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