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This is a small FYI post about a big pain in the butt!The gotcha started innocently enough with me blithely loading our propane tanks into the back of the car and driving to our local Canadian Tire to get them filled—as I had done with no problems in the past—prior to our heading south last fall (2010).

Imagine my surprise when I found that the tanks were dated 2005, 20. Two of them were already halfway through their 10-year lifespan. Update June 2015: Well, getting tanks certified may not be the problem we originally thought in terms of finding someone to do the job (at $50.00 per tank).

(We eventually got half our money back on the two aged tanks from our local chandlery, but I had to push them…hard.) So there are two morals to this story: P. We just ordered a fourth tank for our upcoming voyage to Greenland and West Marine sent us a tank dated 2007. I just don’t have it in me to go through another fight to get my money back. However, the real problem, which we discovered when taking our long-dated aluminum tank to the recertifier, is getting the bronze valve (which they have to replace to recertify the tank) out of the aluminum tank without stripping the threads.

Update August 2013: Our friend Hans tells us that you can now get aluminium tanks recertified here in Nova Scotia at Tony Huntley Propane, Lower Branch (Bridgewater). Which is what happened, which means we now have to get a new tank.

So only getting 4 years (we got the now defunct tank, dated 2005, in 2011) out of a tank is not funny nor environmentally friendly.

The most common type of LP Gas container is the propane cylinder, commonly known as a bottle. Most people are familiar with propane bottles as the source of fuel for their gas grills.

Industrial LP Gas consumers are also familiar as forklifts are commonly powered by propane and use cylinders as a portable gas supply source.

Cylinders fall into two groups of propane service, liquid and vapor.

Cylinders in liquid service are commonly found on forklifts while bottles in vapor service are easily spotted fueling a gas grill.

Like large propane tanks, cylinders are subject to rules and regulations set out by Federal and State governments.

Propane companies must adhere to these rules when not only filling cylinders, but determining if cylinders are safe and legal to fill.

The requirements include protection from rust and damage that may dent the cylinder.

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