bipolar 2 and dating - Propecia dating game

For if digit ratio alters women’s behavior toward men and her fidelity within relationships, then game will have to adapt to those realities.

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A well-versed student at Le Château Institute for Advanced Poon Studies would slyly remark that it makes perfect sense when you consider that women would be more likely to want to step out on a feminized beta male to get impregnated during the ovulation part of her cycle by an alpha male.

A very jealous beta boyfriend would throw an annoying monkey wrench in her subconscious plans.

Also note that the female resistance to mate guarding by the male is *stronger* when she has already cheated.

The current study assessed digit ratio (2D:4D) and mate guarding in 101 dating couples.

Low 2D:4D men (indicating higher prenatal testosterone exposure) were more likely to state that they threatened male competitors and used more threats and physical aggression toward their female partners.

Men were particularly likely to use threats and physical aggression toward partners who cheated in the current relationship.

In addition, women resisted mate guarding by men with high 2D:4D, particularly when women cheated on their partner.

High 2D:4D women were more possessive toward their partner.

This is consistent with ideas regarding the effects of sexual selection on mate guarding.

Digit ratio studies seem to come out every week now, with similar conclusions that the amount of testosterone or estrogen we are exposed to in our mothers’ wombs has real world consequences for how we act as adults when searching for a mate and settling into relationships.

It is strange but true that you can tell quite a bit about a person’s character — barring exceptions, of course — by simply eyeballing the ratio between his or her ring finger and index finger. Studies like this one are anathema to feminists (for the obvious reasons), but they should give practitioners of the crimson art of game pause, too.

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