Pros and cons of dating a much younger woman

The older woman younger woman relationship is perhaps the deepest lesbian experience you can have. I knew she had all this experience to teach me, to guide me. Louise: But that is okay, because I love you (speaking to Maggie), and that is how I show it to you. That 20 years between us is no big deal now, but in ten years when I'm an old lady, it will become an issue. I think you should love someone only to the extent it will be good for them too. It is a bond that even some openly minded lesbians do not understand.Today we talk to a female couple with 25 years between them to get all the details on their relationship. I started to feel like I loved her soon after that. Of course, if you didn't have such a young body, I might not be so giving (laughs). It is also often kept in secret behind closed doors.

Then I got kind of bold and put my hand on her knee.

We had a professional relationship with her paying me for piano lessons, so I moved my hand quickly away as soon as I remembered that.

I'd like to say we give to each other equally, but she pays much more attention to me than I do to her. If I were selfish I would take that on, but I love her and I have to allow her to find her own way, even if it means she ends up loving someone else. The older woman younger woman relationship among lesbians is often a special bond that is intertwined with maternal feelings.

If only they knew I have a hot 19-year-old girlfriend! Louise: She is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Most people I know simply think of me as the lonely lesbian.

If you’re in the mood for sexy, interesting flicks about hot younger men and sexy older women pairings, I’ll recommend my top 10 faves (as of 2008): PRIME: Watch this one if you’ve ever thought, “I soooo don’t get the appeal of younger men.” You’ll get it after this. (Damn that kid is hot; fret not, he’s legal.) In addition to the older man – younger woman – much younger man trio, there’s a little older woman / younger woman crushing too.

NOTES ON A SCANDAL: Posh British woman marries an older man and cheats on him with a soccer-playing Irish teen in her school.

HOW STELLA GOT HER GROOVE BACK: Believe it or not, I’ve never done the whole “vacation fling.” I’ve had a fling with a dude while he was on his vacation, but never during my own.

FOOD OF LOVE: Instead of the older female teacher / younger male student stuff, this one has an older male teacher and younger male student.

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