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She was wearing stiletto-like heels, which I was sure she would use as a weapon if she ever got into trouble with a client. I often get these thoughts when I see women in high heels, sometimes I think of cow-tipping. This meant investing a minimum to assess prospects and, once identified, investing the extra to close the deal.

They were too high, however, and she wasn’t comfortable walking in them. I told her I was fine, and reciprocated, “How about you? But I can be bad if you like.” She said this with enough authenticity that I didn’t feel any urge to laugh. If there was no prospect here, she wouldn’t share a drink, nor much more of her perfume.

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“You know the girls in here don’t like going with Africans, but me, I don’t mind, I have seen it all. Four years in the region and it still hits me hard whenever someone assumes I am from Africa.

I thought of telling her I was a bona-fide Usain-Bolt, Bob-Marley, Blue-Mountain-Coffee, Reggae-Music Jamaican, but I didn’t, as I figured it wouldn’t have mattered.

Instead I told her I wasn’t looking for any action, just to make it a little clearer.

In a life full of ordinary things, I rarely have conversations with unusual or extraordinary people. In one of my earlier blogs I noted that when I walk certain streets in Bangkok and prostitutes call to me I do not go to them because prostitutes are not my calling.

There is a dreadful predictability about daily conversations which often lead me to drift off into my own thoughts and world. I feel my life is to be lived with greater significance than what shadows and seedy side-streets can offer.

You may therefore wonder why I recently went to Pat-pong, one of the most famous red-light districts in Bangkok.

For those of you who’ve never visited the area, the street-side food is marvelous and cheap, the night market bustles, and the clubs and restaurants buzz and throb with vitality and excitement.

I like good food, and I also like to observe people.

I get both energy and inspiration from certain environments, and often bring my laptop in busy places to write, while observing the world as it goes by. ” Though English wasn’t her first language, the way she spoke suggested that she had learnt much more than what was necessary to communicate with her clients.

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