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Over the 150 years of the discipline of scientific archaeology, researchers have used many different ways to determine how old an artifact or archaeological site is.

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Needless to say, I'm pretty pissed at what I read...

You can listen as I read what turns out to be one the most infuriating articles I've ever read.

Please, gather as many Women, including teenage girls, as you can.

What you will hear will be very disturbing, but informative.

From time to time you may hear some explicit language, however it is difficult to mask anger in the face of the facts and revelations of the story. The Greg Doss Show: Focusing on Remedy, Tuesday nights at pm EST / pm PST followed by The Dj Sqwyd Show: Getting to the Point!

The Greg Doss Show: Focus on Remedy and Dj Sqwyd: Getting To the Point!

When Sheera Frenkel started observing ISIS online, she was surprised by how ordinary the conversations were. “A lot of these channels are just a bunch of dudes mansplaining the Internet to each other.” Frenkel is Buzz Feed’s cybersecurity reporter, and she’s spent the last six months figuring out how ISIS uses the internet.

“Ninety-nine percent of ISIS are probably not using the internet for anything more sophisticated than occasionally going onto Facebook or Twitter,” she says.

But there’s a sophisticated minority within ISIS that takes advantage of a range of technology to stay anonymous.

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