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The webloid alleges that Mother Monster may have “moved on with a new man” after ending her engagement to Taylor Kinney.

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Heidi von Beltz was a stunning 24-year-old actress and world-class skier in 1980 when she got a call from her boyfriend, "Cannonball Run" stunt coordinator Bobby Bass, to head to the desert outside Las Vegas and double for the film's female lead, Farrah Fawcett.

A top-notch athlete, Heidi was training to be a stuntwoman, and Bobby thought she could do it. The stunt called for an Aston Martin to weave its way through a line of speeding, oncoming cars, but the car was plagued with mechanical problems.

The steering barely functioned, and the clutch and speedometer didn't work.

Sarah Steele Joins ‘The Good Wife’ Spin-Off As Series Regular J.

The source adds that Gaga and Liotta are "just friends." Last month, Gaga and Kinney, 35, broke off their engagement after five years together.

, which sounds a “bizarre couple alert,” Lady Gaga may have “moved on with a new man.” The tabloid notes, “Newly single Lady Gaga had dinner with an unexpected, and eligible, companion.” The paper breathlessly continues, “Gaga, who recently split from fiance Taylor Kinney, was spotted in a private room at L’Artusi [in New York] with ‘Goodfellas’ star Ray Liotta.” “They looked super chummy and like they know each other well,” says the publication’s “spy.” In an effort to give credence to its report, the tabloid adds, “The pair left their table together a couple of times to smoke…

and lingered at the cozy West Village spot past p.m.” Ooh, “lingered” at the “cozy” restaurant.

And, Lady Gaga and Liotta “looked super chummy.” Wow, call a caterer, book a band, and find a priest now!

Here’s a more accurate depiction of what’s going on.

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