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A lot of the slang used in California is also used by the rest of the United States, partly because of Hollywood and partly because a lot of people want to move to California. (Bail also means the temporary release of someone awaiting trial for a crime.) For example, if you’re at a friend’s house and you want to go home, you can say, “Hey man, I’m tired.People from California tend to use much more slang than people in other parts of the U. I’m gonna bail.”Bomb(ie) – you can say something is bomb when you really like it.

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You use this to emphasize how easily someone got upset about something so small.

For example, Joe got butthurt when Cami didn’t answer her phone.

Claimin‘ it – what you say when someone is bragging.

(Claim also means to state something is true, usually without evidence.) For example, if someone’s talking about how cool they are because they can do a backflip on a snowboard, you can say while rolling your eyes, “Claimin’ it,” or “he claims so hard.”Clutch – when someone unexpectedly has something that helps a situation.

(Clutch also means to grab tightly.) For example, if you buy some wine but you don’t have a wine opener at your house, but your friend has one in his backpack, that’s clutch.

Cruise – another way to say “come” or “leave.” (Cruise also means to sail about for pleasure, often with no desitination.) For example, “Hey man, you wanna cruise over to my place after work? I’m gonna cruise.”Dank – another way to say something is good.

(Dank also means disagreeably damp and stale.) This originated from marijuana, but is commonly used for other things as well.

For example, “This food is dank, I could eat it every day.”Heavy – when something is very sad or depressing.

(Heavy also means something that weighs a lot.) For example, if someone tells you their cousin died yesterday, you could say, “Damn, dude.

That’s heavy...”Mob – similar to cruise, but it usually implies to come quickly, often by foot, bike, or skateboard.

(Mob also means a large crowd of people.) For example, if you ask someone to cruise over to your house after work, and they say they don’t have a car you can say, “Just mob, dude.

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