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Play Jenna Moonlight: Red Moon Destiny Dating Sim related games and updates. Thanks everyone for Daily 5th and all the great reviews! Let me know of any bugs or even suggestions in a review. This game was kind of rushed, so it's not thoroughly tested. If anyone wants to team up on something like this in the future, email me.

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Jenna Moonlight: Red Moon Destiny Dating Sim Category: Online Adventure Games Description: Moonlight Dating Sim 2 : Jenna Moonlight, Red Moon Destiny This game is online.

Tags: Dating sim, anime, bloody games, bomee, dark games, dating simulation, girl games, jenna moonlight, love, love dating games, love sims, moonlight dating sim,, romance, romantic games, simulations, vampire witches, vampires Developer: Bomee Instructions: Check inside the game for instructions on how to play Jenna Moonlight: Red Moon Destiny Dating Sim.

RED Virtual Date 3.79 RED Virtual Date: Take a shot at finding true love in this free online dating simulation game.

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Play as ' Red' and choose from 6 different routes.

Complete all routes to unlock the super secret 'furry king' route.

If you buy from preorder, the game will come with a code to unlocking the 'steal your childhood-monster-friend-but-now-enemy's goat monster girlfriend' route.

((I couldn’t help myself))but unlike other dating sims every time you start a new route your previous love interests will know you bent space time to ditch them.

A dating sim that will question the ethics of unlocking all the routes.

Is friendship worth sacrificing for a chance at butterscotch cinnamon pie?

Jenna Moonlight: Red Moon Destiny Dating Sim, play free Adventure games online.

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