Renpy dating sim

the game runs fine without [email protected] mugen:"note...i swear this is what we received"Just because you put this, I feel compelled to mention that the first "i" in my deviantart name is in fact lower-case. Even video (though first time I tred to move the window and it froze =|). I liked the art, and I think I saw that BG of house somewhere on your blog... *goes to check Mugen's blog* Joined: Sat Jan 26, 2008 pm Posts: 1853 Completed: Every Sunrise, Backstage Pass, Shinsei Organization: sakevisual Twitter: @sakevisual Tumblr: sakevisual Deviantart: sakevisual Been looking forward to seeing this for a while, and it's great! Though sulking is no way to solve any problems, Uncle Mugen! I've tried playing through it once and got the third ending. They make me wanna hit the main protagonist though, especially the shot where he's saving the sis-with-glasses from the toppling bookshelf. Edit: Downloaded the uploaded windows version and it's... (scratches head)"POOF" (I'll be back)I found that if the video doesn't play, you can just go into the \game\anim folder and remove the movie file (after watching it I would assume). Organization: Tall Tales Productions Twitter: @Tall Tales VN Heh, short and fun, as expected.

I'm not sure which was more amusing, the censor bar, or the cg event holder..if it helps, idle for imagebuttons is the same as ground for imagemaps. Hey, I like this censor bar on MC's eyes ^__^ wha... There is no censor bar on MC when the girl twist her ankle! Like those ahead of me, I really like the black bar for the protagonist, especially when he's holding it. Also, a short scientific nitpick: When the protagonist's wish comes true in what I think must be the True Ending, then it should take around 8.3 minutes for him to notice that it has come true...

The Renpy version of Date Ariane is coming together a lot faster than I imagined: pre dinner and dinner parts are done, and I found a coding trick that is going to make the post dinner faster and easier to code.

Here's my latest blog post: August 28th is Go Topless Day, with gatherings around the world. A number of minor bug fixes, and a number of re-renders and some of the pre-dinner stuff now works more like the online game, which means bringing back a couple of pictures like this one.

If men can run around outside without a shirt, why not women? Trying an experiment of rendering some of the pictures from DA and SITA in "high definition": bigger and much more detailed, then share it in lossless PNG format.

In Canada it is perfectly legal, ditto New York state, and yet there is not a lot of bare breasts on display in either of those places. This is the first, based on the idea that glass windows in a brightly lit diner at night is likely to reflect light than be transparent. New update for "Something's In The Air" A feature of Renpy is you can extract all the text to a text file then run it through a spelling and grammar checker and I found a fair number of errors in "Something's In The Air".

I also enlarged the text and buttons so it is easier to run on a touch screen.I also ran through all 25 stories and made the text more readable. popular German Video blogger uploaded a video, which got about 250,000 visitors to my web site.Oddly the guy played the English version in his video. Maybe I should have left well enough alone, because my "more efficient" code has been a disaster of major bugs.So to all my new German followers, the game is available in German. So after playing all the walkthroughs on both the PC version and the Android version, and only getting the occasional memory bug on the android version (which is probably due to my cheap android tablet), I believe build 110 is the closest to perfection ever. Android versions for French, German, and now Portuguese.

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