Rihanna and drake dating

For what feels like forever, Rihanna and Drake have been talking about their relationship with each other.

Rihanna says that she doesn’t have time to date, period, though touring with Drake would be dope.

“They are having fun spending time with each other.

Their music together got them close again.” Of course, that person is talking about “Work,” off Rihanna’s .

But Drizzy has also been popping up at select dates during Rihanna’s ANTI World Tour, to remind folks of exactly who they’re seeing on stage that night. also reports that they’ve been photographed leaving a nightclub and entering an after-party together this past week.

“Shout out to the most beautiful, talented woman I’ve ever seen,” Drake said during his surprise cameo in Manchester.

Well, it seems that love is well and truly in the air this weekend, as it’s been rumoured that Rihanna and Drake are now, once again, an item.

Now this is a ‘thing’ that we can definitely get on board with. Copyright: [Rex]Anyway, the lads and lasses at The Sun are saying that the pair’s romance is pretty much an open secret amongst their close pals, and while they were in London they couldn’t keep themselves away from each other.

The couple were spotted at a London nightclub earlier this week, with an onlooker commenting: “They were like a couple of teenagers — snogging and following each other around the club.“It was like watching scenes from their new video when they danced together.”I mean, we saw all that malarkey for ourselves at The BRIT Awards to be honest.

Copyright: [Rex]Another hopefully reliable source told the paper that, “They’re back together and Drake is totally besotted.“His team have been teasing him about it but nothing can wipe the smile off his face.”Quite cute really, isn’t it?

(But come on, lads – lay off the teasing: THE BOY IS IN LOVE!

Rihanna and Drake’s dating life remains a mystery as rumors begin swirling in regard to what led Rihanna to split from her former rapper boyfriend, Travis Scott.

Following an allegedly months-long relationship with Travis Scott, Rihanna appeared on an episode of, where she announced she was single in early February, and ever since, rumors have been swirling about Rihanna and Drake.

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