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Row Updating End Sub End Class Hi, In the markup of Grid View you have defined the event handler for Row Updating event of Grid View, so you need to write an event of Row Updating named as "Grid View1_Row Updating".

I'm facing some annoying Grid View behavior where it fires the Row Deleting event twice.

I'm doing the very normal (logical) steps for deleting a row from a Grid View.

3- on tracing I've noticed my Row Deleting event gets fired twice!

(also I used a static counter to see how many times the event gets fired when clicking on the Grid View delete button, which was also confirmed it that it's counting 2 per each click). please help ok, just in case anyone else is facing events getting triggered twice (for any reason), and getting the infamous "Deleted row information cannot be accessed through the row." exception, I wrote a method that prevents the duplication (unorthodox but it works). Seconds I'm working with a String instead of an integer here because I'm handling the Row Command event and not Row Deleting. Data Bind(); The biggest benefit (in my humble opinion) is that you can handle both the gridview events AND the imagebutton events, abstracting any business logic associated with clicking the button even further.

private bool Ok2Delete(int bypass Count) { Session["del Count"] = Session["del Count"] == null ? ((int)(Session["del Count"] = (((int)Session["del Count"]) + 1) % bypass Count) == 0); } However, now that the event triggering twice is solve. Seconds protected void Grid View1_Row Deleting(object sender, Grid View Delete Event Args e) { if (! Row Index)) return; // your logic goes here and the above IF statement // will hopefully guarantee your code to run once. Seconds Private Function Ok2Delete(By Val p Row As String) As Boolean If Session("Row Index") Is Nothing Or Else _ (CInt(Session("Rowindex")) = p Row And Also Date Time. Apparently the forum isn't very compatible with Opera. For what it's worth my solution/dirty hack ' Declare a global boolean Public exit Sub As Boolean = False Sub Dothis Once(blah, blah) If exit Sub = True Then Exit Sub End If ' Do some coding/DB work or something ' code has ran so set boolean to true Here's a link to some information regarding Microsoft's awareness of this bug and a fairly good workaround that doesn't involve hacky flags: View_commands_+_Auto Event Wire Up Thanks for reporting the issue. I am having this problem except I am using a Details View and an Object Data Source.

Hey Glonet, Apparently you don't have the procedure (gdv Aanvraag_Row Deleted) in the codebehind page. Row Deleted End Sub Private Sub gdv Aanvraag_Row Updated(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. I'm just wondering if the codebehind is not wired up properly or, if it's a website project, the codebehind declaration was used instead of the codefile (codebehind is web application project, codefile is website project).

You should declare a sub gdv Aanvraag_Row Deleted() to catch the event and carry out some code. Private Sub gdv Aanvraag_Row Deleted(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. " Delete Command="DELETE FROM [tblaanvragen] WHERE [id] = @id" Insert Command="INSERT INTO [tblaanvragen] ([gebruiker], [begindatum], [einddatum], [aantal], [aanvraag]) VALUES (@gebruiker, @begindatum, @einddatum, @aantal, @aanvraag)" Select Command="SELECT [id], [gebruiker], [begindatum], [einddatum], [aantal], [aanvraag] FROM [tblaanvragen]" Update Command="UPDATE [tblaanvragen] SET [gebruiker] = @gebruiker, [begindatum] = @begindatum, [einddatum] = @einddatum, [aantal] = @aantal, [aanvraag] = @aanvraag WHERE [id] = @id" On Inserted="Sql Data Source1_Inserted"Imports System.

Grid View Deleted Event Args) Handles gdv Aanvraag. Row Updated End Sub Can you show us the declaration code for the page?

Grid View Updated Event Args) Handles gdv Aanvraag.

Page Protected Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

Value) & " op het adminpanel" gridview Aanvraag Vakantie() End If End Sub Public Sub gridview Aanvraag Vakantie() Dim sql Str As String Dim sql Conn As New Sql Connection sql Str = "Select * from tblaanvragen where aanvraag = aanvraag" Dim ds As Data Set = get Data(sql Str) If (ds.

Fill(ds) Catch ex As Exception Msg Box("Unable to connect to database") End Try Return ds End Function Private Sub Grid View1_Row Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

Data Bind() Else Msg Box("unable to connect to database") End If End Sub Function get Data(By Val sql Str As String) As Data Set Dim conn String As String = Configuration Manager. Connection String Dim ds As New Data Set Try 'connect to the database and run the query Dim connection As New Sql Connection(conn String) Dim adapter As New Sql Data Adapter(sql Str, connection) 'Fill the dataset adapter.

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