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As the drama continues to get better and better, I conversely continue to mellow out in my appreciation for this joyfully crafted story, learning to savor the beats and go with the flow.

I think I can survive this live-watch now, because I won’t be anxious week-to-week anymore, instead finding myself warmed by the understanding that this story will continue to delight me.

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Cup 3 Recap: Jie Xiu disrobes to take a shower, turning around to find a sleeping Xiao Ru in his bathtub.

The two of them scream in horror, and in the ensuing melee to escape the situation, Xiao Ru ends up kissing a naked Jie Xiu over the toilet.

They break apart and simultaneously start screaming at the inadvertant skinship.

Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru retreat to their respective bathrooms to scrub their mouth thoroughly with a toothbrush.

Jie Xiu tells Xiao Ru that she should feel luckly that she got a free Chippendales show, while he got the losing end of the bargain.

Xiao Ru scoffs back at him, what she saw was so horrifying she’ll need to go to the temple to calm her soul.

Worse yet, she’ll need to see an ophthamologist to get her eyes checked.

Jie Xiu retorts that he ought to be the one freaked out, since Xiao Ru was lying in his bathroom like a dead person. Xiao Ru laughs – if she were to kill herself, it would never be at this house.

She would go somewhere scenic, to which Jie Xiu asks whether she needs to also pick the right hour of day to off herself.

Xiao Ru tells Jie Xiu not to be cute about it, she’s the one who got kissed, and now no amount of scrubbing will get her mouth clean.

Jie Xiu brings out some acid for her to swoosh with.

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