Rural dating in nz

A group of Aucklanders are rebelling from a hook-up oriented dating app culture and injecting some wholesomeness back into modern romance.

Do Good Dating introduces potentially compatible singles before sending those interested in each other on a one-on-one date to complete volunteer work together.

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"We are hoping it acts as a filter to weed out people's motives.

It's like an added payment: If you want to go on a date and meet someone you really like you have to go out and do something for the community." In the age of dating apps Tinder, Happn and Grindr - where those looking for a date, or something more casual, simply swipe through profiles of other singles - the Do Good Dating team are trying to put the heart back into the game of love.

Ms Harbourne said potential candidates applied and filled out a short online questionnaire about their age, gender, sexual orientation, the last film or movie they watched and how they would spend a day off.

Then a speed dating event, called A Good Match, is held where participants will have a series of short conversations with 20 potential date partners and indicate who they would like to go on a date with.

If two people harbour a mutual affection - they will be sent out to do some volunteer work together.

"Hopefully it is appealing to people's humanitarian instincts and filtering it down to meet people who aren't out there for one-night stands, but we do personally vet everyone to make sure it's safe and no one is being put at risk," Ms Harbourne said.

The volunteer work will be crowd sourced through the Live More Awesome charity and will include activities such as beach clean-ups, collecting money for charity or sorting donations.

Unofficially launched on Monday night, there had already been 100 applications to the service by yesterday afternoon.

"We are quite surprised, we were supposed to do a soft launch but it has already got so much attention ...

I can imagine it's going to take off in a big way," she said.

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