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I have finally finished my exams and since I`ll have more spare time from now on I decided to translate again.From JE I like NEWS and Arashi very much so if you have articles or magazines you want me to translate ,you can leave a comment here.... You were born on November,3 and you are a person with preconceptions,who hates compromises.Once in a while,though,it is important to listen the other people`s opinion.

But,instead of acting like a spoilt child and taking the kindness of the people around you for granted, you should treasure your friends more. You were born on November,11th and you are a man who makes goals/purposes and follows them with devotion and a great passion/ardour.

However, you should have more conservative aims/goals because,when you have exaggerated targets,you don`t always end up succesfully.

Usually,you begin loving truly,only after you understand your partner`s feelings. You were born on 11th of July and you are a person who likes to test your partner's love. The flower that represents Yamashita Tomohisa-san: Your birthday is represented by Sakura.

Even if right now you don`t think that way,you will realize it later. You were born on 9th of April,you are friendly and modest and you are a brave man who has a great power of mobilization(I think they mean reasoned).

However,once you are done with this „testing”,you will be able to understand your partner very well. You are a person who makes great progress without standing out in relief and a very well balanced man.

You are probably admired by many people and there are few moments when you are unbalanced.Koyama The language of the flowers:(I don`t know the name but it`s the flower in the picture. The flower that represents Koyama Keiichiro-san: You birthday is represented by Sakurakusa(I don`t know what is that,sorry).You were born on the 1st of may and you have always hated separations(break up)since you were a little child,because it would upset you.You will surely defeat the pain/sorrow in your heart and only then you and the person you love,will be able to live together. Massu The flower that represents Masuda Takahisa-san is the lotus.You were born on July,the 4th and you are a person who needs an „impressive love”.Perhaps there are moments when you are very capricious but that happens only when the person you love is late for a date.

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