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Does the dating personals company protect your information?

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They've gone so far as suing convicted sex offenders for attempting to sign up at their dating personals site.

A simple way to check the age and veracity of any dating personals website is to look for the copyright date.

If it's older than the current year, you may want to look elsewhere.

By Bonny Albo Wherever you go lately on the Internet, you'll probably run into a dating personals site advertising free access.

With the recent explosion in free dating sites, it's definitely hard to keep up.

What the people who sign up for these dating personals services are getting, essentially, is a way to have complete strangers contact them.

But what most singles don't realize is that dating personals sites don't screen their 'free' membership - they offer a trial to anyone who decides to stop in.

Users could be sexual predators, convicted criminals, or dating scam artists just waiting to meet the right person to be taken advantage of.

Here are some points to consider when signing up at a dating personals site, so that you don't get burned by someone with less-than-reputable intentions.

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