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David Firth is a purveyor of Flash movies of a rather mediocre nature.Possessing no artistic talent, he attempts to make up for this with his illusion of "surrealism".A typical Firth animation consists of five minutes of Aphex Twin background music matched to a single "creepy" frame with random, brief, intervals of Tim and Eric tier random access "British" humor.

Said emos/goths/8th graders that hang on Firth's dick have absolutely no capacity to begin to understand the basics of what actually makes a good piece, and rather believe that a two-minute flash segment that uses toast (remember, Invader Zim) as a plot device is "deep".

Unsurprisingly, it was originally the Newgrounds users who latched onto Firth, possibly because his toilet-jokes were of a higher quality than anything else ever posted on the site.

He is totally not cool with his videos being on You Tube.

The majority of Firth's e-fame, or lack thereof, is rooted from his flash series Salad Fingers.

Essentially, Salad Fingers is about an insane man (while remaining unnamed it is alluded he is "Salad Fingers") living in a post-apocalyptic landscape.

Rather than building off of the basis for the story he created, Firth chose to construct the series into tl;dw episodes with literally no plot progression or development.Angsty teenage fans have historically over-thought the toilet jokes for metaphors about how cruel society is, etc.However, any sane viewer will see no more than a mid-quality Newgrounds submission, becoming too popular for its own good, and then digression into Firth's "critique of humanity". Even more "interesting" is Firth's two-part series Toast Boy.Made after his initial success, Toast boy is the gothic kid viewing it: no actually meaning or direction but lives under the illusion that they are somehow "different".Much like Salad Fingers, nothing actually happens, and the viewer is subjected to eight minutes of toilet-humor and Firth's attempts at being edgy/surreal.The series, more than anything, shows Firth's never ending attempts to make a name for himself outside of Newgrounds circle-jerks, and be taken seriously as a filmmaker. Brittany Holechko ♦ Dimmuborgiress ♦ Ickeriss69 ♦ Kurt Batz ♦ Larathen ♦ Matt Crimmins ♦ Miss Hannah Minx ♦ Ms Umlaut ♦ Neil Gaiman ♦ Nickolaus ♦ Paulie Calafiore ♦ Sinn ♦ Sophie Lancaster ♦ Succubbus ♦ Trent Reznor Aiding the Dark Lord in Battle ♦ Angst ♦ Being Edgy ♦ Cutting ♦ Drugs ♦ Guro ♦ Homosexuality ♦ Necrophilia ♦ Not having friends ♦ Murder ♦ My Immortal ♦ Poetry ♦ Ruining the Internet ♦ School Shooting ♦ Suicide ♦ The Nightmare Before Christmas ♦ Vampirism ♦ Where The Dead Go To Die Ainsley Harriott ♦ Allan Bell ♦ Baby P ♦ Ben Vodden ♦ Heavy Bass X ♦ Cheeky Ben ♦ Dangasm ♦ David Mudkips ♦ Derrick Bird ♦ Emma Jones ♦ Georgia Varley ♦ Gordon Ramsay ♦ Heather Howland ♦ Jack the Ripper ♦ Jade Goody ♦ Jake Roberts ♦ Joe Blackburn ♦ Joshwa Plastic ♦ Katie Hopkins ♦ Kurtbatz ♦ Laura Talbot ♦ Lee Rigby ♦ Madeleine Mc Cann ♦ Max Gogarty ♦ Old Dirty Btard ♦ Purple Aki ♦ Random DCE ♦ Raoul Moat ♦ Richard Dawkins ♦ Russell Brand ♦ Sam Leeson ♦ Shannon Matthews ♦ Sophie Lancaster ♦ Stephen Fry ♦ Stephen Hawking ♦ SUPERCOOLWILLOW ♦ Susan Boyle ♦ Totalbiscuit ♦ Snaisy The Bayeux Tapestry ♦ BBC Radio 4 ♦ BBC ♦ Britain's Got Talent ♦ Buck Bumble ♦ The Daily Fail ♦ Doctor Who ♦ English ♦ Fifty Shades Of Grey ♦ The Gorillaz ♦ The Guardian ♦ Hannah Bond ♦ Harry Potter ♦ Have I Got News For You ♦ Jack Sparrow ♦ Lord of the Rings ♦ Sir Billi ♦ Redwall ♦ Top Gear ♦ V for Vendetta ♦ The Young Ones ♦ Zero Punctuation Fine Entertainers: Alan Moore ♦ Adele ♦ Amy Winehouse ♦ Banksy ♦ Bear Grylls ♦ Chris Morris ♦ The Chuckle Brothers ♦ David Firth ♦ Elton John ♦ Gary Glitter ♦ Ian Watkins ♦ Jeremy Kyle ♦ Jim Davidson ♦ Jimmy Savile ♦ Jonathan King ♦ Morrissey ♦ Neil Fox ♦ Neil Gaiman ♦ Pete Doherty ♦ Radiohead ♦ Ricky Gervais ♦ Sacha Baron Cohen ♦ Sean Connery ♦ 6 BONG ♦ B3ta ♦ Bane ♦ Britchan ♦ Charlie Bit Me - Again!

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