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• 20 year old man charged with Rape of 12 year old girl.

Her hymen was found to have been torn around the same time that the defendant admitted sleeping overnight with her on two separate occasions in the same single bed.

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Acquitted after trial of all counts at Winchester Crown Court. • Defendant was charged with the historic Rape and Buggery of three siblings.

Acquitted after trial of Buggery and jury hung on some of the Rapes and convicted of others at Snaresbrook Crown Court. • 21 year old Defendant was charged with the historic Rape of a 12 year old girl.

Pleaded guilty to Sexual Assault, no evidence was offered on the Rape and he was sentenced to a Community Order at Cambridge Crown Court.

Criminal defence specialist who has been instructed as Leading Junior Counsel in the following cases: Murder, Rape and other Sexual Assaults of adults and children with particular expertise in historic cases; Grievous Bodily Harm; Importation, Manufacture and Supply of Drugs; Fraud and Money Laundering; Making and Possessing Indecent Photographs of Children, Possessing Firearms with Intent to Endanger Life; Controlling Brothels and Prostitutes, Witness Intimidation, Perverting the Course of Justice.

Recent cases include: • Having met a 38 year old woman on a dating site, the Defendant was accused of tricking her into visiting him at his flat, spiking her drinks with a sedative and raping her twice whilst she was unconscious. After his arrest, Police found 455 images of extreme pornography on his mobile.

Upon gaining consciousness she attacked the Defendant with a vodka bottle which cut open his head and knocked him out. The sleeping drug Zopiclone was found in her urine. Many searches for extreme pornography had been made within minutes of his calls to the complainant during the week preceding the alleged offences.

His defence was that knew nothing of the images or the searches.

Defendant was acquitted after trial of all offences at Kingston Crown Court. • A Professor was charged with the historic Sexual Assault of three mature students.

The case involved the scrupulous examination of 20,000 pages of emails between the complainants and the Defendant, 8 of which were found to support the case for the Defence.

Acquitted of all counts after trial at Guildford Crown Court.

Instructed by PPG Solicitors of Farnborough, Hampshire.

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