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Stellar Door Designs is a creative studio that specializes in crafting and working with lifestyle brands.

It’s that magical alchemy between your vision/goals and our creative instincts and experience-driven skills that brings results..

We believe that our ability to listen and bring years of design-driven marketing experience to the table is just as important as our award-winning artistic skills.

People may not remember what you say, but they will always remember how you make them feel.

Your brand needs to be not only be heard, but seen and felt.

We understand this, we embrace this, we embody this in every part of the process in order to bring that unshakable impression to the clientele you wish to reach.

Precision Custom Coatings has worked with the chemists at our coatings manufacturer to provide a resinous flooring system that is far superior to epoxy.

Our urethane-polyurea basecoat is 4 times stronger than epoxy and is almost 100% more flexible, allowing for the natural movement of concrete.

We then finish it off with one or two coats of a polyaspartic polyurea topcoat for maximum clarity, shine and stain resistance.

We use the latest shot blasting equipment that propels small steel shot at high velocity, which yields the highest bonding character of any prep method.

If the concrete is extremely uneven, we will use a diamond grinder to mellow out high spots.

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